"A help which presents a true heart" -- a motto -- five decades

Since out eatablishment in 1960, our company has been a model of reliability andcertainty for half a century in the sales of vanity cases,packing material, and distribution apparatuses.

As for corrugated cardboard boxes, standard sized boxes are available for moving, apparel packaging, mail order deliveries, and official documents. If these types do not meet the customer's needs, we can also make original size boxes upon request.

The field on which we lay emphasis is the design of branding tags for agricultural products, fish, and other sea creatures. This raises product value and distinguishes it from competitors, In this way, we can certify the place of production and prevent the problem of intentional mislabeling.

In addition, we also create POS-related products, such as printers and labels that can work with bar code technology. This facilitates the overall efficiency of your company's work-related duties.

Since we have a whole line of corrugated cardboard boxes, packing materials, and POS-related products, we are confident we can meet our customers' needs as specialists in the field of packaging and delivery. You need only explain your businass needs, and we can organize an efficient system for you. Pleasele let us serve you better.

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Head office

3-14-15, Mugino, Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan.812-0882
TEL: +81-92-586-5065  FAX:+81-92-586-5066

Kurume office

3-2-17, Higashi-Aikawa, Kurume, Fukuoka,Japan 839-0809
Maruzen Inter building  103
TEL: +81-942-44-0471  FAX:+81-942-44-0472

Foundation October 4, 1960
Incorporation procedures July 1, 1964
Representative director YAHIRO Masaki
Business activity Sales capital of peripheral equipment besides a corrugated paper case, labeling and packaging materials, a packaging machine, physical distribution apparatus, a label, and a seal
Capital 10 million yen

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